Kalsey Kulyk
Kalsey Kulyk

alsey Kulyk is a singer and songwriter, whose small-town roots and country soul have inspired a career in country music that started when she was only three-years-old.

Hailing from Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, this small-town girl has taken her big voice and big dreams all over North America, writing and recording country music with some formidable forces in the industry. At 19-years-old, Kalsey moved to Las Vegas to work alongside the legendary record producer, Richard Dashut, who produced albums for music icons like Fleetwood Mac.

Kalsey’s music is derived from her own personal experiences, and her emotional connection is evident in every song she writes. She aims to write music that connects with people on a personal level, and the result is a sound that’s a true breath of fresh air in the music scene.

Her compassionate demeanour and bubbly personality are contagious, and those who work with her will tell you she has the best work ethic in the business. Currently working with Phaymis Records in Calgary, Alberta, Kalsey’s debut EP was released in March 2014. Her debut EP, featuring the single, ‘With You’, is available on iTunes and Google Music.

“Sing And Be Heard”

‘Sing and be heard’ is Kalsey’s mantra, words that have inspired her music and her everyday life. At 17-years-old, Kalsey was diagnosed with cancer, and that experience drove her to live her life a little differently: “chase your dreams and never stop being your true self”. ‘Sing and be heard’ inspired Kalsey to fulfill her musical aspirations, and hopes her message can inspire others to let their stories shine.

Share your story with: #SingAndBeHeard on social media.

Her honest, heartfelt lyric combined with both a positive and sometimes hauntingly sad melodic intuition [is] reminiscent of 40 years past.

Richard Dashut, Co-producer of Fleetwood Mac


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Caption this expression! Throwback Tuesday to Canadian Country Music Association Songwriter Series with Jason McCoy Tebey and Andrew Hyatt ! SING AND BE HEARD!!

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